Most people lead lives of quiet desperation and die with the song still inside of them

Henry David Thoreau, extensively misquoted

Those words explain my life.

I have not, and will not, always succeed. But I have not, and will not, allow fear of failure to prevent me singing! For those unfortunate enough to have heard me sing, I assure you I don’t mean that literally!

Whatever it is that I am passionate about, I am committed to attempting – because without risking failure, there can be no success.

Anyway, I have now failed often enough to know it doesn’t hurt for long and that it brings me a step closer to my objective. What does this look like in my life?

In my ‘day job’, I am the CEO of The Real Learning Experience, and a keynote speaker, Workplace Culture Consultant, Executive Coach, Author and Podcaster.

Through my work at The Real Learning Experience, I developed our proprietary Authenticity framework which helps clients assess and understand the gap between their actual and ideal workplace cultures, and align the things they do, say, think and decide with the organisation’s values and overall goals.

The driver behind creating this framework,

and the motivation for me to go work each day, is the fundamental belief that people deserve great workplaces, and workplaces deserve great people.

I’m also a Director and Co-Founder at Synergy Tutoring Australia, and General Manager of Experiential Edge (conference events).

Away from work, I am married to Jane and have four children. I’m an enthusiastic (rather than talented!) triathlete and have represented Australia twelve times in age group world championships in Beijing, Auckland, Chicago, Cozumel (Mexico), Adelaide and Montreal.

To relax, I write novels – mysteries with a psychological edge, set in my beautiful home state, Tasmania, and adventure stories for children. As a passionate advocate for children (and adults) with dyslexia, every book I write features a main character with dyslexia.