In 2019, Simon distilled the knowledge, experience and learning gained from thirty years working with thousands of organisations and leaders, into a common theme – and a solution.

In almost every workplace

there is a misalignment between the workplace culture the organisation WANTS and the things they actually DO.
Most organisations accept – and even encourage – behaviours that support the culture they are trying to move away from, and that make their ideal culture unattainable.

There are only three options:

Waste time, money and energy attempting to force a culture that is inconsistent with everything else in the organisation – which leads to frustration, inconsistent results and low morale

Continue to act the same way and accept that the workplace culture will not change – which is a shortcut to mediocrity

Realign the things the organisation DOES, SAYS, THINKS and DECIDES to make them consistent with the culture they aspire to – the only authentic choice

To support organisations who are committed to evolving their culture, Simon created our proprietary Culture Transformation framework, Authenticity.

The framework involves four key phases:

Understanding and quantifying your organisation’s IDEAL workplace culture

Assessing the ACTUAL workplace culture

Analysing the gap between ACTUAL and IDEAL and examining the reasons that gap exists

Project planning, prioritising and implementing solutions to address the gap

Simon and the team at
The Real Learning Experience

 (one of the companies owned by Simon) have used Authenticity to help hundreds of clients take a strategic approach to transforming their workplace culture.

Customers reviews

What people say?

The Real Learning Experience have partnered with us since 2020 to deliver our 12 month Invest Leadership Program and we have seen a clear improvement in leadership capabilities. The facilitators know their topics and deliver content in an engaging way. Feedback from our staff has been very positive. They have found the information relevant but most importantly the format engaging. I have been impressed by their ability to engage with a wide range of staff across different areas of our business ensuring an inclusive approach.
Kathryn Keenihan
Executive Manager - People & Culture - Junction
I have worked with The Real Learning Experience and their Authenticity model – on a series of projects related to our workplace culture and leadership - for over ten years. Simon and his team measured, project planned and implemented a culture development program. They also developed and delivered our successful R & J Batteries Leadership Academy, which has been instrumental in the development of our management team’s leadership skills. The Real Learning Experience has also undertaken a mentoring program for us that entailed one on one coaching and mentoring for key members of our team. Simon, Kirralea and the team are engaging, enthusiastic and deliver training courses that really work. That are a key part of our ongoing workplace culture and staff development plans, and I whole heartedly recommend their services to any business that is serious about their workplace culture and developing their team.
Stuart Hamilton R&J Batteries CEO Leadership Training
Stuart Hamilton
CEO, R&J Batteries